Military Dictionary for the Military Wife

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Time For School

So you signed on the dotted line and joined the military…via your marriage license. Congrats, welcome to the club, and pull up a chair because it’s time for school! You’re gonna need to learn a whole lotta stuff to figure out this crazy military wife life. Don’t worry though. I’m a total know it all and am happy to share all the things; like this handy military dictionary and acronym list.

Let’s get started with the vocabulary because there are so.many.words! Like, so many words and acronyms there really should be an actual dictionary but there won’t be because half of them mean different things in different services and even more change based on the MOS.  {Yes I know that was a ridiculously long run on sentence but think of it more as a train of thought than grammatically correct because when you’re living it, it always comes out that way.}

Military Dictionary. Military Vocabulary. Military Glossary.

Military Dictionary and Acronyms

AF – Air Force {Yeah. It stands for that too but unofficially. lol}

AFVC – Armed Forces Vacation Club

AMC – Air Mobility Command [Air Force. Formerly MAC.]
—MAC – Military Airlift Command

ANG – Air National Guard

AWOL – Absent Without Leave

CO – Commanding Officer

CONUS – Continental United States
—OCONUS – Outside the Continental United States

DITY – Do It Yourself {When it refers to moving its now called PPM.}

DLA – Dislocation Allowance

HHG – Household Goods

ITT – Information, Tickets & Travel

MCCS – Marine Corps Community Services

MOS – Military Occupational Specialty {A code that says what job the service member has.} [Army & USMC]

MWR – Morale, Welfare and Recreation

NAS – Naval Air Station

OCONUS – Outside the Continental United States
—CONUS – Continental United States

PCS – Permanent Change of Station {When you move.}
*Read more here.*

POV – Privately Owned Vehicle

PPM – Personally Procured Move {formerly called DITY moves. When you do it yourself!}

PTO – Property Transportation Office

SOFA – Status of Forces Agreement

SpaceA – Space Available Travel {Unofficial but completely awesome website.}

TDY – Temporary Duty

TAD – Temporary Additional Duty

TLA – Temporary Lodging Allowance

TLE – Temporary Lodging Expense

TMO – Transportation Management Office

USAF – United States Air Force

USCG – United States Coast Guard

USMC – United States Marine Corps {My personal favorite.}

USN – United States Navy

Military dictionary. Military glossary. Military vocabulary.

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