The Importance of a Whole Home Inventory

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By WHOLE home inventory I mean all the things in all the rooms in all the house.

Ummm, Lacey. Why the heck do I need a list of everything in my house? It’s simple really. LIFE HAPPENS!

Because we move so often, a whole home inventory is crucial for military families¬†BUT its just as important for civilian families! Hurricanes. Tornados. Flood. Fire. Burglary. These events can wipe away all of your worldly possessions in a moment. Unless you have a complete home inventory; plus Renter’s or Homeowner’s Insurance, you’re going to be replacing everything out of your pocket. That would suck. A lot. Instead of waiting for something to happen, let’s make a list (or 12).

{If you know me, you know how giddy I am writing that. Lists are a happy place for me. I may or may not (definitely have) created lists with stuff I’ve already done just so I could check it off and feel accomplished.}

Home Inventory. Military PCS.

Quick & Dirty Video Home Inventory

If you don’t have time to do a detailed home inventory right now, say a hurricane is headed your way tomorrow or your packers arrive in the morning, start with a video. Get a current newspaper or turn your tvs on to a channel with the date & time (i.e. your local news). Start with showing the newspaper or tv channel as you begin a home tour. If you stop your video for any reason, make sure you show that newspaper or tv channel again. What you’re doing is establishing a date & time that your home stuff is in your home and the condition it’s in.

Now walk around your house, slowly, while filming. Take your time and make sure that you get all the things on your video. If you have books be sure that you slowly pan and give your camera time to focus. If something were to happen, you should be able to go back through your video and record each book title in case you had to list them for replacement. Do the same with dvds, cds, electronics & valuable items. If an item has a serial number, you want to get that on video. If something has an on/off button, either have it on already so you can record that its in working order or turn it on/off as you come to it. Make sure that you SHOW each item WORKS, not just turns on and off. For your tvs you want to show working picture with no damage to the screen or display.
Do this for each room including the garage! We all know how expensive tools are! Be sure to open each and every single drawer or tool box. Show and model numbers, sets, accessories, anything and everything. It’s better to have more information than not have something you might need later.

Important Items to Inventory

  • Electronics
  • CDs, DVDs & computer software
  • Appliances (big like fridge; small like counter mixer)
  • High Value Items (antiques, jewelry, specialty things, art)
  • Tools
  • Decor (curtains & rods, pictures, knick knacks, rugs)
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Toys
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Books & Games
  • Your Kitchen (cups, plates, gadgets, pots & pans, bakeware, etc)

Home Inventory. Military PCS.


Now let’s say you don’t have an imminent disaster headed your way and can take your time with a home inventory. Check out the next post in this series for when you’ve got more time to take stock of your worldly possessions. {COMING SOON}



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