About Me

Yey ya’ll! I’m Lacey.

I’m a child of God, Marine Corps wife, a homeschooling boy mom to 2 and as of June 2018, a beagle/hound mom! I love birthday cake, science fiction & fantasy books, half & half iced tea and my hammock. I speak fluent Sarcasm & Cheesy Jokes and text in full sentences.

As a military family we move a lot and I love it. Around the two year mark I start itching for our next set of orders and planning for our new home. While it can be difficult to say goodbye, I try to focus on the hellos. Bloom where you’re planted and all that. When it comes to moving, I like to think I’m pretty much an expert. With five major moves (including overseas & back) and numerous house to new house moves, I’ve been there, done that & have the colored stickers to prove it! {When you move in the military, your boxes are labelled with colored, numbered stickers.}

I’m addicted to travel. I have a “gypsy soul” and crave adventure. I think road trips are amazing and my favorite childhood memories come from our time on the road. Though, I can’t be in the car for more than an hour without wanting to take a nap! We’ve been incredibly blessed with an overseas duty station that let us travel in Asia and I pray every day for the chance to go back. You haven’t lived if you haven’t tried authentic Japanese ramen or Strawberry Brownie crepes on Takeshita (Harajuku) Street!

I hate cooking but love providing for my family. It’s an interesting balance for sure. It took me awhile but I finally realized that perfecting a few simple but tasty recipes is my road to culinary success. That’s a big improvement over when I was a teenager and would make soup & sandwiches anytime it was my turn to cook. I still make a mean grilled cheese but my Cajun Chicken Alfredo is pretty darn spectacular. I’m most proud of my tiramisu and promise to share anytime you visit.

In all of the crazy that is our lives, my two boys are my focus & motivation. They are bright, funny, active & adventurous kids who keep me on my toes. While some days can be tough {4th grade math is not really conducive to “joy”} I’m more thankful for them than I could ever express. The way they see the world keeps me young and hopeful. “From the mouths of babes” and “through a child’s eyes” are sayings for a reason and probably the most true statements ever made. They’re also bottomless pits when it comes to food and the fact that they eat what I cook makes me feel good so I’ll keep ‘em. My other fella is my husband of almost 15 years, Joseph. He’s the peanut butter to my jelly and I can’t imagine what life would be like without him.
We’ve recently added a beagle-hound mix to our family. Luna Lovegood is well, perfect for us! A little crazy. A little sleepy. Always ready for a road trip. She’s the snuggliest dog I’ve ever met and I can’t imagine life without her.

I’m kinda addicted to Pinterest and think of it as a magical place full of party ninjas & magical cooking fairies. Over the years I’ve learned to be INSPIRED by what I see. I’m somewhere in-between Pinterest Fails & Pinterest Rockstar. Ok, maybe a little closer to fail but man, ugly cupcakes taste just as good! I’m on Facebook all the time (maaaaybe a little too much?) and love a good IG scroll. I do that “text in whole sentences” thing so Twitter is not my thing. 140 characters! hahaha

Well. That’s me in six paragraphs. Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs. I’ll see ya’ around!